So building your dream home is finally a reality. Happiness, stress, uncertainty, anxiety, excitement.

A bag of mixed emotions as you embark on your journey. So many decisions, right down to the drawer handles, all trying to break your budget. Don’t let all of the things you “see” keep you from overlooking or make cutbacks on the things you “don’t see”. One of these big items is your heating and air.

Have you ever been in a home where the room down the hall is always warmer than the rest of the house? Unfortunately, we see this way too often. By the time you notice this, fixing the issue is going to be very expensive. What happened? The long and short of it is that the job wasn’t done right.


There are many factors to consider, from the insulation rating in your walls and attic to the type/amount of windows you have to the direction your house is facing.

Let our team of professionals help you navigate through this. We know the questions to ask, have the right tools to size the system and ducting correctly and how many fresh air returns are needed as well as where to install them. We plan and install the system, seeing your project through to completion. When you turn on your HVAC system from Star, the only thing you think is how comfortable you are.

At Star Heating and Air Conditioning We Care About Your Comfort!

Services Include: